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Group Race/Snake Race in SSB GTO

This is an inter-group race amongst two or three GTO groups. A set of six obstacles are placed in a line and the group is required to race to the finish line while carrying a load. The idea is to place the stress on competition and see the candidate's ability to push oneself while motivating the balance of the group to achieve. This is a simple task, be energetic and cooperative. This is a very exciting and thrilling task that you will enjoy. Group will compete against each other for the first rank, you will be going through 6 obstacles such as climbing the wall, walking over web net (see the pictures below) each group will have its own channel/path and you will be carrying one rope-like heavy structure and you will be given marks only if you don't put it down till race is complete. Rules: 1. If any rule is broken your group will be penalized in either of the two ways: Time Penalty: Your group will be forced to stop doing anything and you will be made to countdown

All about Individual Obstacles in SSB GTO

Introduction : Individual obstacles are to be done in GTO, the candidates will get 3 minutes time to complete as much as obstacles they can, there are 10 obstacles present on the ground of varying difficulty, candidates will get points on completion of these tasks. General rules : If all the 10 tasks are performed well within the time then candidates can also repeat obstacles to get extra points. No obstacles can be repeated until all are complete at least once. GTO will blow the whistle after 2:30 minutes to make you aware about time is going to complete. There will be only  1 to 3 candidates at a time in the ground. Important point s: Never ever get yourself hurt during these obstacles, if you feel any obstacle is tough then leave it, it's completely ok, try to complete the easier one or the one which is closer to you first. The number of obstacles performed doesn't matter much as it is seen that candidates who managed to complete just 5-6 obstacles were al

Group Discussion in SSB GTO

Introduction This is the first test given in sequence normally followed in GTO tasks. It will be 15 and 15 minutes affair, means you will be going through two group discussions, Candidates are made to sit in a circle in the numerical order of their chest numbers. The task is conducted in two parts. In part one the GTO (Group Testing Officer) introduces two topics for discussion and leaves the choice open to the candidates to select anyone. He then asks them to go ahead and discuss the issue. The GTO usually gives 10-15 min. for discussion and then calls it off, while going on to give another topic as part two of GD. The GTO will introduce the topic along with providing threads for discussion. The basic fundamentals that you must keep in your mind while participating in GDs even for PPDT or GPE will remain the same. What GTO Observes? Your information level and GK are seen through the content of your views. Your ability to support your views with logical and meaningful argumen

Command Task in SSB GTO

In this, you will enjoy authority like a commander! This is the same as a PGT obstacle, but you have to plan and attempt it yourself. The GTO will show you and brief you about the obstacle and lets you select a set of 2 or 3 assistants from your group. You have to order, guide, lead, and assist your group in doing the obstacle as a commander. The followers are told to do your bidding and not suggest ideas.  The GTO attempts to fix your level of intellectual ability and leadership aptitude. Be practical, logical, brief your sub-ordinates well, guide them, and become a functional member of the group. Follow a democratic style of command, don&rsquot stand at the start line and order about your sub-ordinates, participate physically in the task, and task your sub-ordinates per their physical practical abilities.      Before going for this task GTO will chat with you, he may ask about your friends/girlfriend(s), towns you visited, etc. then he will give you idea about the task. Thi

Progressive Group Task (PGT) In SSB GTO

This task is held outdoors and has a set of four obstacles. Each obstacle has a start line and a finish line. In between the start and finish line are a few structures buried in the ground such as a bench, barrel or stone. The structures are painted in red, blue, and white, either fully or in part/ combination. The group is provided with some helping material and a load to be carried along. The helping material might be in terms of a short plank, a short rope, and a ballie. The group is supposed to reach the finish line without stepping on the ground. White areas are where men and material can be placed, blue areas are where only men can stand but not place any material, and red areas are out of bounds for both men and material. The four obstacles are thus arranged in an ascending sequence of difficulty. The GTO introduces the task and briefs the rules of the game in detail before asking the group to commence. The technique of doing it is simple, look at the structures carefully

Half group task for SSB GTO

Same as PGT but with only one obstacle and half the group attempting it at a time. The task enables a shy candidate with some worthwhile ability to come forward and display his/ her ability in a smaller group.  This test is done by diving your group into half number.  If you couldn’t play a good role in previous tasks due to the crowd or some dominating candidates then this is the time when you can show your guts and put yourself at the top in race.  There will be only one task similar to what you did in the Progressive Group Task (PGT) but somewhat modified in nature.  All GTO rules will apply here as previous rules, 15 minutes will be given to you.  Give suggestions and work in a group and proceed for success.

Final Group Task in SSB GTO

Last of the GTO Tasks series, basically to put the whole group together, the task given is similar to PGT and the group is asked to attempt it against a severe restriction of time. The basic idea is to bring in the team spirit and close the proceedings on a cheerful note. The GTO gets to see any late and shy raisers in the group, also it clearly enables the GTO to rank the candidates finally, hence, the name final group task. Group will come again and work on one obstacle here you will have the last chance to show your talent and make your way to get recommended. Same rules like PGT, HGT, CT and you will be given 8 to 10 minutes. After finishing your all tasks he may have a small discussion with you and will permit you to ask any query related to SSB or anything which you think so, then he will give a lecture like a motivational coach. Enjoy your remaining day on preparing for the conference and do visit the city area and purchase from CSD canteen. Or you can play various games i

Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

Introduction This task is again conducted in two parts. In part 1 the GTO introduces a model to the candidates and reads out a story referring to the model. He then gives the story card to the candidates and asks them to read the story themselves and assimilate the essentials for putting down their individual solutions to the problems present in the story on a sheet of paper. Total time – 5 mins to read the story and 15 mins to write the solution. In part 2 the GTO asks the candidates to discuss their solutions and arrive at a common group plan for solving the problems, lastly any one candidate, as selected by the group is required to give out the group plan. The story would involve 3-4 problems of conflicting nature with a red-herring also thrown in. The candidate is required to grasp the essentials of the problems and tackle the issues systematically, priority wise allocating the available resources. Sample Problem: You are a group of 10 friends out on a cycle excursion cum picnic to

Lecturrete Topic 2 - Aadhaar

1. The Aadhaar (Targeted Delivery of Financial and Other Subsidies, Benefits and Services) Bill, 2016, better known as Aadhaar Bill, was introduced in Lok Sabha on March 3. 2. Aadhaar is a 12-digit unique identification number issued by the Indian government to every individual resident of India that collects biometric data of the residents. It’s helmed by Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), a central agency of Indian Government. Aadhaar Card is considered as the largest nation based identification number project in the world. 3. The Aadhar card is the only government-issued document that is available anywhere, everywhere. An Aadhaar card can be applied for online. 4. The Unique Identification Authority of India (UDAI), which functions under the Planning Commission of India, is responsible for managing Aadhaar numbers and Aadhaar identification cards. 5. The Aadhaar card captures all the details, including demographic and biometric information, of every resident Indian in

Lecturrete Topic 1 - Afforestation: A Crying Need

1. Afforestation is the establishment of a forest or stand of trees (forestation) in an area where there was no previous tree cover. 2. In the early periods of civilizations, large parts of our country were covered with forests. The increase of the population of our country has led to the shrinking of forest area. 3. The forests which purify air have been cut down and new cities and industries have been established in their place. The cutting of the forests causes what is called "The Green House Effect". 4. Large industries and power plants need a large area to set up its facilities. In India, deforestation has happened in the past for creating Infrastructure (National Highways, Airports, etc.), Industries (Steel, Power, Fast Moving Consumer Goods – FMCG, Engineering, etc.), Mining (Coal, Minerals, Metals, etc.), Oil and Gas exploration, Thermal Power plants, etc. 5. Afforestation is necessary to combat the issues of global warming, soil erosion, pollution, and the maintenanc