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Progressive Group Task (PGT) In SSB GTO

This task is held outdoors and has a set of four obstacles. Each obstacle has a start line and a finish line.
  1. In between the start and finish line are a few structures buried in the ground such as a bench, barrel or stone.
  2. The structures are painted in red, blue, and white, either fully or in part/ combination. The group is provided with some helping material and a load to be carried along. The helping material might be in terms of a short plank, a short rope, and a ballie.
  3. The group is supposed to reach the finish line without stepping on the ground. White areas are where men and material can be placed, blue areas are where only men can stand but not place any material, and red areas are out of bounds for both men and material.
  4. The four obstacles are thus arranged in an ascending sequence of difficulty. The GTO introduces the task and briefs the rules of the game in detail before asking the group to commence.
  5. The technique of doing it is simple, look at the structures carefully; each would be designed to enable some form of hooking of the helping material. Plan the group movement, consider who or how many can go first, and how the last person will be crossing and as to who will get/ recover the helping material.
For example, a bench having two parallel planks with one plank projecting forward means that the plank ex helping material can be placed in between to cantilever itself and extend as a jump board. Use such hints available in the structures in combination with the helping materials to find a solution. Invariably each obstacle would have at least three possible solutions, look for an elegant one and plan through till the move of last person and recovery of helping material. Take it as a game and go along with the group in a cooperative, lively, and contributing manner. Assume leadership as the opportunities present themselves.


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    1. Yes sir please add pics of some obstacles as well. So that we can see them and solve it in our heads.

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