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All about Individual Obstacles in SSB GTO

Introduction: Individual obstacles are to be done in GTO, the candidates will get 3 minutes time to complete as much as obstacles they can, there are 10 obstacles present on the ground of varying difficulty, candidates will get points on completion of these tasks.

General rules:
  1. If all the 10 tasks are performed well within the time then candidates can also repeat obstacles to get extra points.
  2. No obstacles can be repeated until all are complete at least once.
  3. GTO will blow the whistle after 2:30 minutes to make you aware about time is going to complete.
  4. There will be only  1 to 3 candidates at a time in the ground.
Important points:
  1. Never ever get yourself hurt during these obstacles, if you feel any obstacle is tough then leave it, it's completely ok, try to complete the easier one or the one which is closer to you first.
  2. The number of obstacles performed doesn't matter much as it is seen that candidates who managed to complete just 5-6 obstacles were also recommended and candidates who are able to complete 10 and then repeat 4-5 extra were also recommended, the only point important is that one should not give up before completion of 3 minutes and try to complete obstacles even if you aren't able to do it in the first try.
Preparation points: Try running continuously for 3-4 minutes at full speed, If you are able to run you should be able to perform well in Individual obstacles.

Below is a list of obstacles along with images to give an idea about the obstacles.

1. Burma Bridge (Difficulty: HIGH)
It's a walk between two ropes for a distance of 25 ft. The two ropes will be tied on poles at a height of 10 ft. This obstacle starts shaking as you begin to move so maintain your body balance, it is also a time-consuming task.

2. Wall Jump (Difficulty: MID)
This wall is actually a wooden screen with the slope on one side, run up the slope of an inclined plane, and climb over a wall of 8 ft.

3. Jump Through Tyre (Difficulty: MID)
The tire is hung from a post at a height of 5 ft, Jump through a big tire with your feet first. There will be a small loop in the rope that can be used to hold and pull yourself up to get into the tire.
Note: This is not for army entries.

4. Tarzan Jump (Difficulty: MID)
Platform height 10-12 ft, then taking a rope in hand he needs to swing like Tarzan and to land after a mark on the land.
Note: Tarzan swing is not in air force entries.

5. Double Ditch (Difficulty: MID)
It has two ditch of measure around 8ft*3ft and 4ft*3ft candidate needs to cross the 1st ditch with the help of a rope and the second one with a jump.
Note: This is not used in air force entries.

6. Tiger Leap (Difficulty: HIGH)
Climb up a platform of 9ft and leap a distance of 4ft to catch a rope and get down by the rope. It is important to catch the rope at the chest level so that you don't slide down and get hurt on hand.

7. Double Platform Jump (Difficulty: MID)
You have to climb a platform of 12 ft and then take two jumps. The first jump is to the lower platform which will be at 8ft from the ground, the second one is to the ground.

8. Rope Climbing (Difficulty: HIGH)
Climb up a vertical rope to touch the post at a height of approximately 4 to 5 meter and then to come back
Note: Not used in army entries.

9. Screen Jump (Difficulty: EASY)
The candidate needs to run over a slide and over a screen placed after slide.

10. Drum Jump (Difficulty: EASY)
It consists of jump across a 6 ft drum for males and for females the length is slightly less.

11. Ramp Jump: (Difficulty: EASY)
You have to run on the slope of an inclined plane and jump across a line which is marked at approximately 4ft from the end of the plane.

12. Balancing Beams (Difficulty: MID)
It includes walking over a zig-zag balance and completing the walk and landing properly. it is not used in the air force. This Obstacle can create a problem in the rainy season because it becomes slippery, so prefer doing it as the last obstacle in the rainy season.

Importance of Individual Obstacles: It does not matter much how many obstacles you are able to complete, what matters is your energy, participation and no give-up attitude while doing these, You have to continuously perform these obstacles for 3 mins, if you are not able to perform some of them then its completely OK, Just continue till your time is over and don't stop until your time is over.
A person who is able to do only 4-5 also gets recommended.


  1. Is the "jump through tyre" included in Airforce?

  2. What should be the sequence to do these obstacles? So that, we can do maximum no. Of obstacles in the span of those 3mins.

    1. No specific sequence is asked

    2. U can start from any point, the thing is that u must do it in continuity so u don't waste time by running here and there.

  3. There's no sequence .. all depends on you how u chalk out the route

  4. Should we do all the tasks only once or we can increase the count?
    Can we complete all tasks within 3 minutes?
    And usually how many obstacles will be there?

  5. Rope climbing isn't used in the army?

  6. Are only these tasks available. No other tasks are performed

  7. What if a person remove shoes to climb the rope

    1. There is not much time to it.
      Try it with shoes on, if not possible skip it, focus on other

  8. If we are round not complete only this so we are pass or not pass?

  9. Are these tasks aligned one after another or are they in disorder form.

  10. You didn't mention commando walk

  11. I went to AFSB Varanasi on 20 Nov. Instead Zigzag, there they have one balli between two poles at height about 3-4 feet above ground. You have to balance walk on it. Please add it

  12. Is all these task are included for the officer test 5 day ssb interview

  13. Is all these task are included in the 5day ssb interview for army officers test of women

    1. Yes, however they are made easy and its not a physically exhausting task, it will be easy for a normal girl.

  14. Helpful
    It will surely help others also
    Nice work done

  15. Are these tasks also included in 5 day ssb technical interview of civil engineers?

  16. Replies
    1. As such no compulsion, you have to do all before repeating any....if you are to do any6-7 still it will ok (and its very easy) they just want to check that you dont give up before 3 mins...

  17. What is the best way to do jump through tyre feet first or head first...?

  18. Monkey crawling also include in these

  19. All these tasks are need to be performed by a candidate who is giving SSB for 10+2 btech scheme by Indian Navy?

  20. According to my experience at 3AFSB Gandhinagar
    Height of tiger leap was about 15 feet


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