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SSB Do's and Dont's

 One of the most prestigious exams under the Government of India. This is the test of one's personality that recruits candidates for the post of a gazette officer in the Indian Armed Forces. The exam has various stages like screening tests, followed by Psychological tests, Interviews, and Group tests. This article deals with WHAT ARE THE GENERAL DOs AND DONTs in the SSB process. DO's A proper document check - A proper crosscheck at home is a must. Never be casual or miss out on any document required. It is a waste of time and effort if you are made to go back because of improper or missing certificates. Reporting - Report to the center well before time, at least half an hour. Make sure you know the center location one day before. Eat healthily, be healthy - One or two weeks before SSB, stop eating junk or Street food so that you don't get sick. Have proper sleep, specially the night before SSB. It matters a lot!!!!! High confidence - High confidence is what you need through

SSB Personal Interview Code of conduct

As we all know, there is an Interview conducted in the 2nd phase of SSB. The purpose of this test is to have a one-to-one and face-to-face direct interaction with the candidates. Here are a few pieces of advice for all those who are yet to give this interview from an SSB qualified person. Try incorporating them in your preparation. Be in your best possible formal attire, shaved, well-groomed and go with ironed clothes. Avoid wearing any watches or religious symbols. Before entering the room ask the interviewer to come in. Greet him/her with a smile. First let him tell you to sit and then sit comfortably. Maintain a smart posture, sit erect. Hand on thighs. Neck relaxed but alert and a gentle smile on face. Pay attention to the current question being asked. Don't bother or keep thinking about previous questions or answers.  Be well aware of at least 5 national and international events currently in news. Read them in a little depth. Make your opinion on them. Read everything about yo

Basic Forces in Nature

Following Four Basic Forces operate in all natural processes : Gravitation Forces Weak Force Electromagnetic Force Strong Forces 1.  Gravitation  Forces : It is the force of attraction between two masses. It is always attractive in nature; hence sometimes it is taken with negative sign. It is a long range force, i.e., it can extend up to infinity. It follows inverse square  law  i.e., F ∞ 1 / r2. It is assumed to be created by a particle called gravitation. It is central force and hence, it is conservative in nature. It is the weakest force. 2. Weak Force in  Physics  : It is the force associated with beta – decay in radioactivity. During beta – decay, the following reaction takes place. 0 n 1 ⇒ β – + 1 P 1 + γ Neutron Beta Particle or Electron Proton Antineutrino Since, neutrino is a chargeless – massless particle, therefore during beta – decay, the  electron  and antineutrino interact with each other through very weak forces. Moreover, the leptons interact with Leptons, Baryons or Me

Chapter 1: Chemical Reactions and Equations Notes (Class 10th)

Chapter 1:  Chemical Reactions and Equations(Class 10th) 1. Chemical reaction: The reaction in which the original state of the particles changes and it cannot be reversed by simple physical means, is known as a chemical reaction. Examples: fermentation of grapes, burning of wood, etc. Burning of wood produces charcoal and we cannot get back wood from charcoal on reversing the conditions. ·         Chemical reaction is accompanied by change in state, colour, evolution of gas or change in temperature. The chemical reaction is represented as Reactants → Products ·         Example of a chemical reaction is burning of magnesium ribbon with a dazzling white flame to form a white powder (magnesium oxide). 2Mg + O 2  → 2MgO 2. Chemical equation: Representation of a chemical reaction in terms of chemical symbols and formulae of the reactants and products is known as chemical equation. A chemical equation represents the reactants, products and their physical states symbolically. For ex