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Command Task in SSB GTO

In this, you will enjoy authority like a commander! This is the same as a PGT obstacle, but you have to plan and attempt it yourself. The GTO will show you and brief you about the obstacle and lets you select a set of 2 or 3 assistants from your group. You have to order, guide, lead, and assist your group in doing the obstacle as a commander. The followers are told to do your bidding and not suggest ideas. 
  1. The GTO attempts to fix your level of intellectual ability and leadership aptitude. Be practical, logical, brief your sub-ordinates well, guide them, and become a functional member of the group.
  2. Follow a democratic style of command, don&rsquot stand at the start line and order about your sub-ordinates, participate physically in the task, and task your sub-ordinates per their physical practical abilities.     
  3. Before going for this task GTO will chat with you, he may ask about your friends/girlfriend(s), towns you visited, etc. then he will give you idea about the task.
  4. This task is a real task as you will be solving obstacles with two candidates as your subordinates.
  5. But they can't talk or suggest any idea, they will only listen to you.
  6. You will have the liberty to call any two subordinates from your group.
  7. Here again, PGT rules about inbound and outbound areas will be used.
  8. Be commander and use authority but don&rsquot show anger on any of your subordinates.


  1. Please use images in this article too because it helps in identifying and having a clear view of the task for the candidates who are preparing for ssb at home .

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