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Final Group Task in SSB GTO

Last of the GTO Tasks series, basically to put the whole group together, the task given is similar to PGT and the group is asked to attempt it against a severe restriction of time. The basic idea is to bring in the team spirit and close the proceedings on a cheerful note. The GTO gets to see any late and shy raisers in the group, also it clearly enables the GTO to rank the candidates finally, hence, the name final group task.
  1. Group will come again and work on one obstacle here you will have the last chance to show your talent and make your way to get recommended.
  2. Same rules like PGT, HGT, CT and you will be given 8 to 10 minutes.
  3. After finishing your all tasks he may have a small discussion with you and will permit you to ask any query related to SSB or anything which you think so, then he will give a lecture like a motivational coach.
  4. Enjoy your remaining day on preparing for the conference and do visit the city area and purchase from CSD canteen. Or you can play various games indoor as well as outdoor.


  1. You can show these tasks in sketch form as it will increase imagination.
    As you have shown in individual obstacles.

  2. Yes i also asked them to do this .

    1. Search in google for u r doubt u will get pictures


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