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Group Planning Exercise (GPE)

This task is again conducted in two parts. In part 1 the GTO introduces a model to the candidates and reads out a story referring to the model. He then gives the story card to the candidates and asks them to read the story themselves and assimilate the essentials for putting down their individual solutions to the problems present in the story on a sheet of paper. Total time – 5 mins to read the story and 15 mins to write the solution. In part 2 the GTO asks the candidates to discuss their solutions and arrive at a common group plan for solving the problems, lastly any one candidate, as selected by the group is required to give out the group plan. The story would involve 3-4 problems of conflicting nature with a red-herring also thrown in. The candidate is required to grasp the essentials of the problems and tackle the issues systematically, priority wise allocating the available resources.

Sample Problem:
You are a group of 10 friends out on a cycle excursion cum picnic to spot X from spot Y. En-route at rail crossing Z you found a man waving wildly, he stated having seen some miscreants placing a bomb on the track at spot B, he wants you to help. Nearest town is 8 km away and some tractors are available at vill. C about 3 km away. Mob phones don’t function in the area, a manned level crossing is 2 km down the rail track. While you were pondering another lady came crying toward you seeking some help for her child who has fallen down and broken his legs. As you were about to get started another old man came up asking for your help in putting out the forest fire near his field, which soon threaten to consume his harvested fields with standing cattle fodder.

Sample Solution:

Obviously your priority should be to address the larger disaster of bomb on tracks, followed by the child and lastly if still relevant maybe help out the old man. The old man case is the red-herring, as forest fires are usually beyond a lay man’s ability to control and in any case the fields are harvested! The resources with you are ten girls, ten cycles, tractor 3 km away and telephone at level crossing 2 km away. Therefore, list out the problems as per priority and resources to begin with, and then write down the solution as you deem appropriate. Lastly, don’t forget to finish the tasks and go ahead to enjoy your picnic, the picnic was in any case your primary goal! There may be time constraints of an approaching train in 40 mins, your need to get back to the college hostel before sun set etc. Therefore don’t forget to plan with approx time plan for each sub task. If you distribute the work, make sure to tie up a common point where everyone will rally after their jobs are over. Also keep some cushion time in each sub plan. Never allocate a sub task to one individual, keep at least a pair on each sub task. When it comes to discussion, keep your mind open, attempt to rally the group to your plan, it will happen if your plan is good, else be open and adopt good inputs from others and moderate the group effort. Remain lively, alive and contextual to emerging plans and social situations in the group. Be seen as a cooperative and contributing member in the group activity.


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  6. Paste some GPE module photos with Narration, so we can have an imagination about it how to frame the situation within stipulated time frame.

  7. Sir from vill C can i borrow a a bike luna 500 as it is the cheapest vehicle a villager can have and faster than tractor it's average speed will be around 30 km/hr so it can cover a distance of 8km in 16 min

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