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Group Discussion in SSB GTO


This is the first test given in sequence normally followed in GTO tasks. It will be 15 and 15 minutes affair, means you will be going through two group discussions, Candidates are made to sit in a circle in the numerical order of their chest numbers. The task is conducted in two parts. In part one the GTO (Group Testing Officer) introduces two topics for discussion and leaves the choice open to the candidates to select anyone. He then asks them to go ahead and discuss the issue. The GTO usually gives 10-15 min. for discussion and then calls it off, while going on to give another topic as part two of GD. The GTO will introduce the topic along with providing threads for discussion. The basic fundamentals that you must keep in your mind while participating in GDs even for PPDT or GPE will remain the same.

What GTO Observes?
  1. Your information level and GK are seen through the content of your views.
  2. Your ability to support your views with logical and meaningful arguments.
  3. How organized is your thought process?
  4. Your ability to express your views with complete clarity and ease.
  5. Your social attributes are seen through the way you engage others in the discussion.
  6. How tactful are you in dealing with difficult and group disruptive characters in the group, how balanced are your views about the socio-economic and geo-political environment of our society.
  7. Your self-confidence and energy level is observed.
  8. What kind of impact (negative or positive) are you creating on the others in the group is observed.
  9. Your ability to withstand, and gracefully bounce back, from the setbacks received through counter-arguments given by others.
  10. Your mental stamina to remain continuously visible in a positive manner in the GD is seen.
Tips for Effective Participation
  1. Be an early entrant into the GD. Speaking first is not necessary. However, speak early so that someone else does not give away the point you wanted to say.
  2. Be totally rational with as many supporting facts and figures as possible. Do not speak continuously, as you may appear to be overbearing, so, speak more often, for lesser duration each time. 
  3. Give concise points relevant to the lead that you are supporting. Do not take off at a tangent. 
  4. Preferably do not switch over from the main point that you decided to support and support it till the end of the discussion. However, you could link your point of view with the point of view being supported by another candidate by giving relevant arguments. 
  5. Remember, it is not a debate, so your endeavor should not be to prove the other person wrong, but to support your own point of view with good logical arguments. 
  6. The greater your knowledge base, the better you will be able to speak. Try and quote some facts and figures and also give some examples from history recent times to augment your views.
  7. Be sensitive to the point of view and participation of others, encourage them as they give their views, and look very interested in their viewpoint, even if it is ordinary.
  8. Do not be rude, radical, or anti-establishment by blaming the systems, authority figures, and the Govt.
  9. Always remain composed, cheerful, and show a high, positive energy level. Maintain a smiling and pleasant disposition.
  10. Do not lock horns unnecessarily with someone who is argumentative. Remain friendly, but firm while giving your point of view.
  11. In case a candidate is continuously interrupting while you want to speak, you could politely, with a smiling face, tell him chest No 1 please let me complete or let us give everyone a chance, etc.
  12. Always draw other people s attention before making a point, like, I wish to add to the point of CH No 1, or I beg to differ with the point raised by CH No 1, etc.
  13. Be supportive of other's ideas and counter viewpoints with rationale where required.
  14. Speak loudly, clearly and keep it short, don t grab and hold on to the center stage beyond a reasonable duration that is required to make your point.
  15. Don't vomit all your ideas on the word go, you may end up looking silly if another smart candidate strips your point threadbare, introduce your points sequentially based on the flow of discussion.
  16. Most imp is to speak and speak with conviction, logic, and relevance to the flow of discussion.
  17. unlike the previous discussion rounds (on day 1), here you don't have to come to a common conclusion and you can express what you want (in a good manner.)
  18. If you are well informed, logical, well-groomed and a friendly person you will always do well in the GD. However, to know where you stand and assess your true potential you will have to physically participate in multiple GDs before leaving for your SSB.
Few Group Discussion Topic you can prepare:
  1. A borderless world is practically impossible. Yes or no?
  2. Agriculture facilities are increasing still the farmers are committing suicide. Why?
  3. Are bullet trains good for India?
  4. Atrocities against animals & religiously right, against animals, a political issue
  5. Caste-based reservation must be replaced with economic status and education of parents.
  6. Corruption and Human Rights Violations against Women and Children.
  7. Crime against women Western culture, rural thinking, weak laws
  8. Demonetization is a successful and effective move.
  9. Digital payments are secure and India is ready to go cashless.
  10. Does the dress code really matter at educational institutions?
  11. Don t you think too much importance is given to cricket as compared to other sports in India?
  12. Economic Growth and Infrastructure Development.
  13. The education system needs to focus on practical knowledge, reduce and manage syllabus, opting technology as a substitute.
  14. English must remain the official language of India. Agree or disagree?
  15. How can corruption be checked? by use of digital mediums, strengthen laws, adding more authorities
  16. How can Indian armed forces be improved? Using theater commands, inducting foreign arms, increasing indigenization.
  17. How can jobs be produced in India? increasing FDI, increasing skill development programs, or any other
  18. How can terrorism be overcome? providing better employment facilities
  19. How cleanliness and hygienic conditions in India? conducting awareness drive, providing efficient affordable facilities to people, using laws
  20. How do you feel we can strengthen our Armed Forces? Or what according to you is a reason for the shortage of Officers?
  21. How farmers should be supported for their yield failures loan waiving, subsidies, initiatives like e-NAM
  22. How India can raise the strength of women using rules and laws, self-empowering women, or any other
  23. How India s performance in sports can be improved?
  24. How is technology impacting youth? Reduced physical activities, came out as edition, the easiest way of interaction
  25. How to help curb evils against women?
  26. How will US foreign policy affect India?
  27. How would women's reservations be beneficial for India?
  28. India is fluctuation in human development indices. What is the main reason?
  29. Animals should not be used in medical research.
  30. Can privatization increase the development rate of India?
  31. youth where terrorist recruitment is higher, providing good surrender policies, using fire and force.
  32. India needs a bi-party system like the US.
  33. Indian election has nothing to do with good governance today.
  34. Indian politics is the reason behind the country s backwardness.
  35. Is compulsory attendance really needed in schools and colleges?
  36. Is the Aadhaar database secured enough?
  37. Is the reservation policy of India working as per the expectations?
  38. Joint family vs. nuclear family. What is your choice?
  39. Justice delayed is as good as justice denied.
  40. Love marriage vs. arranged marriage.
  41. More and more mobile towers in residential areas. Boon or bane?
  42. NOTA is the emerging priority of the citizens. Is it right to continue it?
  43. One belt one road will lead to international difference, boost trade, increase China s military presence
  44. Peer pressure: does it make or mar your future?
  45. Polythene bags should be completely banned?
  46. The recent rise in terrorism- what do you think is the reason - religious fanaticism, Illiteracy, unemployment. Reservation should be removed from the public sector.
  47. Rural placements of doctors should not be forced.
  48. Should crackers be banned?
  49. Should school students be allowed to own and use mobile phones or not?
  50. Should the government give more subsidies to farmers or provide a better mechanism for a loan?
  51. Should the practice of Yoga be made compulsory in schools?
  52. Should there be reservations in jobs?
  53. Should women join the army in more numbers?
  54. Superintelligence and AI: Is it a boon or bane?
  55. Terrorism, AFSPA, India Pak relations, India China Relations.
  56. The ban on liquor has lead to what major change in the dry states? Increased smuggling activities, reduction in state GDP, improved lifestyle.
  57. The health-related issues are increasing. What is the major cause? The relevance of reservation for girls at top academic institutions in today s context.
  58. Three out of 4 households in rural India earns less than Rs 5000 per month. We are still economically backward. Yes or no.
  59. Voters must be given a NOTA (None Of The Above) choice?
  60. What do you think India will be after 10 years?
  61. What do you think is the cause of the rise in mob lynching nowadays?
  62. What the government should do to overcome corruption in India?
  63. What is impacting worst on the youth? Social media, politics, religious activities
  64. What is the biggest challenge for India? Naxalism, interstate disputes, stabilizing northeastern states
  65. What is the biggest hurdle in increasing the digital economy? Lack of awareness, increased hackings, the limited reach of technology
  66. What is the biggest problem for the new generation of India child marriage, child abuse, child labor
  67. What is the most common problem for the youth these days employment, enjoyment or health
  68. What plays a crucial role between Indo-china relations economic participation, defense standoffs, political and ethnic aspects
  69. What should be done for better democracy in India? Improve election procedures, increase transparency in politics, providing more power and freedom to the citizens.
  70. What should India prefer to maintain foreign relation Participation in international groups like BASIC, BRICS raising economic ties or any other
  71. What was the impact of demonetization Turing to a cashless economy, returning black money, stopping counterfeiting of money
  72. Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are killing creativity. Yes or no?
  73. Where should India focus to increase development? West Asian nation, European nation, American nations.
  74. Where technology can be most beneficial medication, education, business
  75. Who is responsible for the poor performance of India in sports?
  76. Who will get the maximum benefit of GST common people, Traders, business giants
  77. Why is defense services lacking officers
  78. Why is youth distracting from the opting defense as employment? More lucrative private jobs, youth want an enjoyable life, youth want a comfortable life.


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