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Half group task for SSB GTO

Same as PGT but with only one obstacle and half the group attempting it at a time. The task enables a shy candidate with some worthwhile ability to come forward and display his/ her ability in a smaller group.
  1.  This test is done by diving your group into half number.
  2.  If you couldn’t play a good role in previous tasks due to the crowd or some dominating candidates then this is the time when you can show your guts and put yourself at the top in race.
  3.  There will be only one task similar to what you did in the Progressive Group Task (PGT) but somewhat modified in nature.
  4.  All GTO rules will apply here as previous rules, 15 minutes will be given to you.
  5.  Give suggestions and work in a group and proceed for success.


  1. This had been explained well but if some pictures like IO had been inserted than it had been a better experience....overall it is a nice platform for SSB preparation ..must try to insert pictures in each and every explanation 😊


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