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SRT Exercise - 62

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

In your school hostel’s Mess, the dal has always been having stones in it for the last ten days. You are fed up with the situation. You will...

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  1. First ask the chief about this problem and humbly request him to improve it but if the problem won't solve you will inform the head of the mess about this situation.

  2. I will complain to the respective authority.

  3. Firstly will approach head boy of hostel and yet problem dosen't get solve d then will surely go to mess incharge and request him to set the problem right

  4. Talk with mess staff and if problem remains same I'll report to hostel chief

  5. Inform mess commander about the problem and request him to look into it and rectify it


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