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SSB Personal Interview Code of conduct

 As we all know, there is an Interview conducted in the 2nd phase of SSB. The purpose of this test is to have a one-to-one and face-to-face direct interaction with the candidates.

Here are a few pieces of advice for all those who are yet to give this interview from an SSB qualified person. Try incorporating them in your preparation.

  1. Be in your best possible formal attire, shaved, well-groomed and go with ironed clothes. Avoid wearing any watches or religious symbols.
  2. Before entering the room ask the interviewer to come in. Greet him/her with a smile. First let him tell you to sit and then sit comfortably.
  3. Maintain a smart posture, sit erect. Hand on thighs. Neck relaxed but alert and a gentle smile on face.
  4. Pay attention to the current question being asked. Don't bother or keep thinking about previous questions or answers. 
  5. Be well aware of at least 5 national and international events currently in news. Read them in a little depth. Make your opinion on them.
  6. Read everything about your place/state of residence and also about the p/s of your SSB. Famous tourist spots, current portfolio holders, major medical or academic institutions of such places.
  7. Be honest in your answers. Don't try manipulation or dodging of questions. They are well trained to catch your lies.
  8. Have a good self-awareness. Get to know more about your close friends, relatives, favourite teachers and colleagues Their qualities you like and dislike.
  9. Read more and more about defence. Having a good defence awareness projects your sense of motivation.
  10. If you don't the answer to one or multiple questions just say "Sir I don't know, I will read about it". Don't guess or shoot random answers to the interviewer.
  11. Don't give offending or extreme remarks over religion or politics questions in interview. Try being to the point and be diplomatic.
  12. Don't look at the clock in the room or don't get diverted if the interviewer seems not interested in you and is doing something else. That might be intentional in his side!
  13. Avoid getting into a debate with the interviewer if your opinion doesn’t matches with him. Be polite, admit the difference of opinion and move on.
  14. If possible, do read that day's newspaper in which your interview is scheduled. He/she might ask you regarding that. 
  15. Be lively, alert, confident and smart. Maintain a high level of energy till then end of the interview.
  16. In the end of the interviewer asks, whether you have any question, go ahead if you have any genuine question. If not, say "no sir no questions".

So these were some suggestions/advices on how to give your best in SSB interview. We hope you perform well and be a part of Armed Forces soon.