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SSB Do's and Dont's

 One of the most prestigious exams under the Government of India. This is the test of one's personality that recruits candidates for the post of a gazette officer in the Indian Armed Forces.

The exam has various stages like screening tests, followed by Psychological tests, Interviews, and Group tests. This article deals with WHAT ARE THE GENERAL DOs AND DONTs in the SSB process.


  1. A proper document check - A proper crosscheck at home is a must. Never be casual or miss out on any document required. It is a waste of time and effort if you are made to go back because of improper or missing certificates.
  2. Reporting - Report to the center well before time, at least half an hour. Make sure you know the center location one day before.
  3. Eat healthily, be healthy - One or two weeks before SSB, stop eating junk or Street food so that you don't get sick. Have proper sleep, specially the night before SSB. It matters a lot!!!!!
  4. High confidence - High confidence is what you need throughout the selection phase. No matter if one or two tests didn't go well, look at upcoming tests and give your best. But please remember there is a very thin line between confidence and overconfidence.
  5. Be wise - Keep distance from candidates who give a lot of advice/suggestions etc on various tasks. They might be saying to do it like this or that way, just ignore and follow your own conscience. Be friendly to everyone but don't be their friend.
  6. Honesty - Be honest in SSB testing. Don't lie about major things specially in the interview. Stay honest and bold in your replies.
  7. Personality - It is a test of your personality and not your knowledge, so don't be behind mugging up things and data, rather read newspapers and recent news in depth.
  8. Attire - Be in formal, shaved, well-groomed, and smart attire. Make sure you look like an officer in SSB and not like a college going student.
  9. Attentive - Be attentive to any instructions given to you by the instructors there. You might be aware of those beforehand yet pay attention to that particular assessor's instructions. Don't miss out on any.
  10. JOSH - Keep the most important one for the last. Be lively and full of energy. Selection in SSB is not something you have to bother about, rather spend your energy on learning things. Learn a new game there. Spend some time going outside. Play billiards or go around the gallery. Motivate your fellow candidates if they seem to be stressed. Keep the morale of the group high.
  1. Nervous- Don't be nervous because of any factor whether it is related to your preparation or your SSB performance. Just go with an open mind. Give your best and leave the rest.
  2. Discipline - Don't get involved in any misconduct or violation of SSB rules. Mischievous candidates are debarred immediately without any hesitation.
  3. Time management - Don't waste time in gossiping with others. Interaction is a must but should not be overwhelmed with.
  4. Punctuality - Be on time whenever and wherever required. Don't be a minute late. Be ready for everything by 5 -10 mins beforehand. Punctuality is a great habit that one must always possess.
  5. Fights/Violence - There might be hot talks with fellow candidates but don't get involved in a fight or violent clash. Keep distance from non-serious candidates and stay focused on your performance.
  6. Food - Don’t skip meals during your SSB and avoid eating from out-of-station vendors or restaurants. You never know what upsets your stomach and your performance gets hampered. Well, SSB food is one of the best in terms of taste and hygiene.
  7. Avoid long calls on public calling facilities in SSB. Talking with a Boyfriend/Girlfriend/Friend without a necessity must be strictly avoided.
  8. Bookings - Don't keep ticket bookings for the last moment as you might not get seats in Trains/Flights at that time. Keep 2 tickets of return in advance and avoid unnecessary hardships.
  9. Casual - Avoid casual talks with fellow candidates during the course of a test. There might be free time, the assessor’s might be not observing you, but avoid talking irrelevant things at that moment. It might divert your focus altogether.
  10. Criticism - Avoid criticizing anyone bluntly and don't impose your opinion on them and vice-versa. Respect every individual opinion, listen to everyone but stand by your own ideas and thoughts.
So these were some general Do's and Don’ts for SSB. Please follow them so that you have very good scoring SSB and a good learning time out there.assessors


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