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Thematic Apperception Test - 93 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. What i perceived from the story is there are two people, one is vikram 39 years old, he is the inspector of lonkhanwala thane, he has his own secret agent who used to help him to find localites criminal. Vikram was appointed with a task of finding the bank robbers. His agent got some information about the robbers and he reached to vikram and he was describing about how the robber looks like. They both were discussing about the matter. Suddenly the vikram looked outside the police station there's a man who got charged for not wearing Helmet is the same robber. So they decided to take him in the custody. Further they found that he is the one with his 4 friends. All the robbers get found. And task which was given to him got solved.

    1. Their are 4 character in the picture (see in the left upper corner)

  2. Amal is a 25 yrs young sub inspector of dadar police station. One day while on duty one man came to him telling that his child went missing in the crowd of haji ali mosque. He suddenly went to the spot along with the man and started searching. He announced through loudspeakers and enquired the pilgrims and shopkeepers. He checked the cctv footages and saw the child going inside a shop. After finding him they handover him to his father. His father thanked Amal with his eyes full of tears.

  3. RAM is a hardworking man who works in a Weet mill one day when he was travelling to is house he notice dead he got pig pocket he Run towards nearby police station where he give necessary details like items present amount etc with the help of the information provided the finally got his purse Ram thank him and promise always be aware of like this situation

  4. Ashish was a sub inspector in up police.he was posted in busy day when he was on work a man named Ramesh came to him to file an FIR for his bicycle that was stolen from the naini market .Ashish went at the place to find his biccycle .he checked cctv footage and lead a search operation after 5-6hour he successfully found the rober that stolen Ramesh biccycle he aressted him into the jail and gave Ramesh his biccycle ,Ramesh thanked Ashish

  5. Sumit is a forest officer .he always makes an endeavor to protect and spread the forested area .one day he was observing the forest with his junior .and then he think that word logging cause deforestation so he took strict action on it and for the needies who use it as fuel ,he made them aware that using biogas prevent forest loss .to set biogas plants and also he talk with govt to provide them LPG gas as they are backward classes .eventually biogas plant set up which leads in depletion in forest deforestation.

  6. vijay was senior inspector in panji thane in Goa.
    he was assigned to robbery cases. As in summer the theft activity rises because of foreigners arrival for vacations. he put the conference of the thane members and briefed them about the situation and assigned them their tasks and duties After the conference he called his informs sunny and assign him the task of surveillance in the most active areas provide him sitrep on getting any information. he put the team in buddy pairs in the active places, and also started regular petrolling in the region under their jurisdiction, made many suprise checking and get undercover and grab few miscreants and stops the mishappening with regular information from informer and strict duties and surprise checking put curb in the crimes and for this he appreciated his department and motivated them for being consistently doing job.


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