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Thematic Apperception Test - 78 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Rahul is a trekking enthusiast and was going to go for a his first difficult trek with his friend Shruti. The night before the trek he was watching some videos on youtube about the trek and the one patch where one has ascent almost 90deg . Finally the time arrived , they trekked till the 90deg ascent with ease , but then Rahul was very nervous. His friend went up pretty easily. He saw and thought that if she can do it , then why can't I , he boosted himself , took a deep breath and started climbing. He kept his calm and managed to complete the climb. After that day he knew that if he set his mind on something he could easily achive it

  2. A group of NCC cadets are on a trip in the mountain area and they are performing different tasks at their trip one among them is rappling which is considered as one of the most difficult task and NCC INSTRUCTOR
    motivated cadets and instructed them to perform this activity and all cadets are doing this activity and cadets are motivating and cheering their friends to do this activity.

    1. Bro unkwoun rippling aise nahi hoti usme log niche unattended hai naki upar chadte hai isse rope climbing kehte hai

  3. The Intelligence reports found that a heavy cyclone is to arrive at Garwal. The Rescue team is working and sifting the citizens to a safe place. Rahul (a youngsters) along with his team is working really hard to help each and every person.

  4. A boy named Sujal who studies in 9th class is on a hill camp with his friends. He is in a group of 10 scouts. Sujal has joined scout and after completing his basic sopan training he is selected for a camp in nearby forest. He loves adventure and also guides his junior scouts to climb up the rope.
    They then set up the tent there at spent a night there by using the learnt skills. After completion of task Sujal and his friends went back to school and after few days received a certificate for completing the camp activity.
    He then applauded his fellow members for it.

  5. After completing graduation.A group of friends were planned to go out to enjoy their last party with friends .So they decided to do something adventures to make it as memory.On e fine day they went for mountain climbing which is difficult and adventures.All of them where curious and tooked safety precious climbed the mountain and enjoyed sunset view.

  6. Varun, 21 years senior NCC cadet gets a responsibility to organise a trekking activity. Firstly, he gives briefing about the trek, read-out and explain the map to his sub-ordinates. Meanwhile, divides the responsibility of first-aid,food, entertainment and essential equipment among cadets. Also, motivates junior cadets to participate in the activity. On the day of trekking, he lead the team from front, show some climbing techniques with help of rope to juniors and help them, he makes sure everyone is involved and comfortable. After completing the trek,he started to built tents with the help of fellow cadets. He was satisfied on completing the task.

  7. Raj was a professional mount climber. He was the first person to climb mount Everest from his village. After coming back from the Everest many youngsters were excited to start their mount climbing career. So raj decided to start an academy for mount climbing with his friends. After completing the academy various students climbed various mountains like k2 , Everest etc. Raj was awarded by sarpanch for his efforts.


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