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Thematic Apperception Test - 74 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Ram is a young engineer, who came back to his small village after his graduation and internship in the city. During his stay he came to know that villagers are facing electricity cut of 8-9hrs daily. So he went to the sarpanch for the same. Sarpanch told him that due to lack of educated and skilled person they are unable to resolve the problem and they are not getting any aid from the nearby district as well. Ram called his team of interns to prepare a small electricity generating plant by using river water. They worked hard and soon made the plant. His work was then recognized by district collector and the team was rewarded.

  2. rahul was a boy 24 yrs of age who was born and brought up in a small town. he completed hia studies outside the town and then decided to comeback and use hos knowledge for the development of the state he employed workers met officials and got the basic necessities fulfilled

  3. As per my perception, 4 Youngmates of age group 21-25, has gone for a adventurous trip in the plateau areas of Jharkhand. They were travelling in a car, but due to uneven terrain and other geographical constrainte, their car got stucked in mid of the way. And, now they have to stay there near greeny mountain. They fixed their tent and in this way evening is also about to come. They allocated their work instantly and then started executint it. One person has collected woods from the forest and the other one is preparing to burn a fire which would light the area for the night. The person with rope is going to create fences , 5metre away from their tent to protect themselves from any wild animals attack at night. They also saw a drum lied there. Then, they placed that drum near the entering way of tent to prevent themselves from any wild attack at night. Finally, they would have stayed whole night there. In the morning, they find their way to the main road using sun direction. Fortunately, they find a mechanic, who has repaired their car. Ultimately, they find their way back to home with a lot of adventurous memories.


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