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Thematic Apperception Test - 62 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Ram, who was an educated person in his village and was a part of NGO. Once while roaming around his village he saw some people travelling long to carry water on foot and due to which they suffer from health issues so he held a get together to discuss the issue and later on he appealed to the govt and NGO and built an underwater pipelines from a borewell thereafter a change in the living of village people was observed and he was awarded by his NGO for his great contribution

  2. Anil,35 years old, was elected as a young sarapanch in village Banki. He saw the drainage in his village got choked and in rainy season stock with water,creat various health issues anddue to mosquito breeding asias well as difficulty in day to day life.This summer vacation he called the village student and guide them to clean the drainage and also set up garbage point for disposal of used items.Same time they educate people regarding cleanliness and hygiene. People accept the proposal put the garbage in right place maintain cleanliness and able to make the area clean and reduce the mosquito breeding and make a betterment environment in the village.

  3. Raman , 35 year old was a veterinary doctor in ghasi village he saw that the villagers often have to wait longer period for cattle medicines and updates. After a panchayat meeting he talked to the members and asked them to together put efforts and organise a cattle health camp every year, they decided the place for camp, also got sole fund for setting up stage and there ramam educated everybody about importance and need of an annual cattle health camp there with help of govt he distributed cattle fodder of better brand. The panchayat appreciated raman for his efforts and educating the villagers.


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