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Thematic Apperception Test - 59 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Three friends RAM SHYAM AND SITA lived in a small village happily and had a good time. Their village had only a single tension and that was Dacoit Shaitaan Singh. One night the dacoit kidnapped Sita and demanded of Ransome money from her poor family. Seeing this critical situation and remembering their friendship they decided to investigate and solve the case on their own.
    Days went on and started to gather clues and on the fortnight they had a plan to eleminate the dacoits with help of some other young villagers.
    They acted accordingly and saved Sita. Dacoit Shaitaan Singh was also killed. Next week they were awarded for their act of bravery and were known for their friendship in while village...

    1. But there a man is falling in river or pond
      But there is no discussion about this situation

  2. Action: save from drowning
    Mood: +ve

    Bobby , a student of Btech (Aerospace engineering) in Vit college. Once his college arranged a educational trip for their students . Bobby also participated in his college trip with his friends. On the site near a river bank he she one of his college student jumps in the river and he started drowning. He also jumped in the river and save him and then further asked him that if he didn't know swimming then why he jumped in the river. Then the boy told him that he was annoyed with the continuous daily fight of his mom and dad. Bobby made him feel good and told him to talk with his mom and dad peacefully and let him know how bad you was affected with their fight. Then he became his friend and both enjoyed the whole trip.

  3. kyaa likha h ye....koi link hi nahi h aapke story ka
    vah photo se .....kuch bhi likh diya h kya...

  4. They are four friends and they enjoying the day and one wanted to swim and other refused to swim so he jumped in rever to swim

  5. There was 4 friends named teenage, ram , Krish and tejas on the weekend day they gone on short picnic they were playing and suddenly the screaming of one child come . They all found from where the voice was coming. They went near a river and they saw that one boy drowning in water . One of them suddenly jump into the water and takeout from water. Artificial breathing was provided . Till then other boy ran for more help . And boy was rescued.

  6. Ram a 24 year old boy. On a sunday evening,
    He went on a picnic with his family on river site. he recently learnt new swimming technique butterfly for which he jumped into the river and swimm. He did many other adventurous activites there with his younger brother. He learnt about the different kinds of fruits fruits in the area. He played football with his whole family. He enjoyed the picnic he was very happy After coming home he told all his friends about the picnic.


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