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Thematic Apperception Test - 57 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Manoj, Ankit and Amit were head of Panchayati Group in Village. Villagers were face water issues for a long time so they decided to talk with panchayati group for a proper solution which will help in long run. So they all meet with them and Manoj listened to villagers and came with an solution to built artificial ponds in village to store rain water. Everyone agreed to it and started the procedure to build the pond.

    1. Idea is good. But the story has no strength and more actions have to be taken. Try, appealing and hence seeking help from the government and got certain amount of funds allocated for the development of the ponds. The people noticed that the water shortage had reduced vastly and are now able to irrigate their fields with much ease. The village heads also felt happy as the villagers didn't face any water shortages.

  2. Ranjit was the village sarpanch of his village tajpur. He noticed that there water logging in the various streets of his village. He called a meeting of all the villagers. He aware them about the water crises. He appel them for proper water management. He also requested to the villagers to decide once day in a week and on that day water pipe should be clean. He also appoint a contractor to get repair the broken pipes of the street through the fund he have. He also make strict rule that if in future water logging will found in front of any house then he wil be panelise rs 500 that should be deposited in panchayat treasury. By his effort the water logging problem resolved

  3. Prakhar was Pradhan of good village. With introduction of farm laws there had been many rumours spreading in the village. He called a meeting discussed about the laws, clarified their doubts, urged them not to believe in rumours, talked about benefits and how it would impact their lives and asked them to think thoroughly. After everybody's agreement they signed a contract with company which benefited them and improved their lives.

  4. Samar , after becoming sarpanch of village lakhanpur , wanted to make his village clean and plastic free. He with some young volunteers next day firstly resorted to clean garbage dumps. He then identified household garbage and plastic from two shops of his village shops as culprits. He advised shopkeepers to use biodegradable bags for comodities and also told them to advise people to bring cloth bags . He next day organized a meeting of male heads of his family and told them to separate plastic from household garbage to which they agreed . He then told them the final solution that once they have enough plastic garbage then they will contact the ragpickers who usually come to their village . That how they and ragout covers will be benefited. Samar also advised villagers to maintain it for future

  5. In a village an incident was going on pritam and his friend went to head of village he explained village problem then head decided to let us talk in panchayat and he ordred that panchayat will sit the problem that a few people people try to occupy land of vilagers then villagers has worried about this situation then head and panchayat members decided to pepole who try to occupy villagers land they will out in village then this order all villagers are very happy


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