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Thematic Apperception Test - 52 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Mohan was 25 yrs and college student. He belongs to palwal district and studied in agarwal college. One day he read the notice board in his college teh GK competition will be held at the next month with group of friends. He told in his class, as well as his close friends. He motivated to all his friends . He started his preparation he read daily news paper, watching news, watch on you tube, took help of his friends and his professors. He did very hard work. He took participated in the competition. He got first position. By his hard work and before time preparation help to win the championship easily. He make light his parents name, college and as well his name. He praised by all.

    1. Your answer is right any other person

  2. Centre character chandan
    Age 17
    Total character 7
    Today after so much of planning chandan's family decided to went up for a tour .All the three generations of his house are simultaneously decided that they went to the patriot museum which is situated near their home .Chandan's parents and grandparents as well as his sibling all are observing different things and antiques when chandan accidentally observe a poster issued by a British CID officer where he declared bribe to those who provide the information regarding Sri chandrashekhar Azad who had a pistol in his hand and also on that some letter of the British officials regarding the planing to arrest Azad and their fear for him .
    After watching those document and poster chandan called his family and advised them to watch these documents and tell him and his sibling about them .
    His grandmother told him about NSRA founded by chandrashekhar azad and also explain the scenario of Alfred park which is now Chandrashekar azad park in allahabad when he killed 22 of govt official and to die freely shot himself with his pistol .And told chandan to be brave and patriot like him .

  3. Raju was a law student, one day he went to post office to update his aadhar card. But he saw a notice outside the post office that the post office is closed due to some reasons. He tried to enquire but nobody was ready to tell about the reasons. He used his RTI and later it was found that the staff had bunked his duty. The post office authorities thanked Raju to help catch corrupt employees and his aadhar card was updated later on.

  4. Harshal a 18 year teen living in city name as bhum. He was pursuing 12th from government college of art
    And science Bhum. Since his childhood he was aspiring to become an iitan . He was studying for jee exam from 10th only.
    He was burning midnight oil . After his 12th was over he gave april attempt of jee mains. He nailed it . Then he gave jee advanced and Like mains he cleared it . He was seeing the result with his family members and got to know that he has got iit Bombay. He got job in a company and was very happy.

  5. Raj is 19 years old.He read the college notice.He is a Bravery boy and a good leader. There are a college program and They have to take the responsibility of the event. So Raj has come forward on behalf of their team and he is willing to take responsibility.

  6. Vedant along with raju (art teacherof govt. Mvm school) , they visited shaury smarak bhopal, where they see a play performed by various artists after that while coming back vedant saw the notice of free paintingšŸŽØ and drama competition for student held after a month, he informed it to students ask them to actively participate make whatsApp group of interested students give them the good play theme and roles accordingly also teach them to draw correctly with different colors, shades, students participate and enjoy the event.

  7. We can see some people reading notice on the notice board

    Raman and his family members are reading the notice in a societies notice board . The notice is related to the upcoming Diwali celebration in the society.And they are reading the information related to the arrangements and the dress code which they have to follow during the celebration. The ladies of the family are reading about the types of dresses they can wear at the occasion. At the end the eldest of the family that is Raman's grandmother has to do her signature over there. Thus she is approaching towards notice board.


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