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Thematic Apperception Test - 50 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Once a boy ram living in a village area. Had a great intreast in musics. Always practice with his sitar, one of his favourite instrument' he's now preparing for the state music competition and spent most of his time in practicing. As such he is doing hard work i'm definitely sure that he will win that competition.

  2. Ravi , 17 was fond of playing sitar and this year he volunteered for a solo perfomance in the cominng annual day programme.He takes advice from his music teacher about the various technicalities associated with it and starts practicing daily twice in a day , 1hr each in morning and evening followed by a review of his progress from his music teacher, he also did meditation daily to improve his concentration. He even watched some YouTube videos of great sitar players to keep himself motivated. Once in a week he also taught some of the intrested juniors the basics of instrument.He continued his practice with full determination and when the day arrived he was confident . He performed very well and later thanked his music teacher for all the support.

  3. Ramesh is a 34 years old man.he is a good veena player and used to teach playing veena at his home but due to some reasons he stopped.
    Once he was passing by a disabled people school, he recognised there problem of employment and decided to teach them playing veena for free of cost. He started teaching them and had a good response.he also organised concerts where those students played veena and fund raised by the concert used for their betterment.

  4. rishab,ageing 18 just enterd college his dad is casual sitar lover and rishab watching him since childhood and he also want to lear sitar like as dad rishab joined college he ask dad's permision for coaching of playing sitar his agreed he went to famous coaching center ask the fees and the time of practice his dad agreed and brought him a sitar he feels happy at day first day of coaching with new sitar later on he become vetern and start playing it professionally and earing good amount of money and respect


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