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Thematic Apperception Test - 45 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. An ambulance comes near house of a man. A nurse gives child to his parents

  2. Character 3
    Main character
    Age 25
    Mood -
    Ravi shankar was a service man in BHEL Haridwar.
    One day a widow, who is 30 years of old came to Ravi shankar and his wife and asked for the help as her child suffering from pneumonia. Ravi shankar called upon the Ambulance immediately and went with the woman to the hospital and also submit hospital fees. He stayed in the hospital until the child get recovered. After seeing all his efforts and ethics, Everyone praise him a lot.

  3. A lady arrived at the hospital with a crying baby, she was worried about the baby's deteriorating health and wantwd immediate help.
    Mohit and his sister saw the lady wandering around to reach the right ward for children.
    Mohit walked to her and offered her help and asked her the situation then Mohit took the lady to the pediatric ward as quickly as possible.
    While his sister got into the line to register the lady for a check up, Mohit went to the authority and explained the situation to allow her early entry.
    They both helped her get the baby treated on time and went back home.

  4. I saw four persons in that pics two female aged 26 years and a man age 29 and a new born baby in nurse arms astha and rahul are husband and wife rahul is working in bank on the post of cashier and her wife is house wife they got married two years ago now the got a child after. Two years they were happy beacuse they bless with baby girl and when they saw her first time they were so overwhelmed and euophorid

  5. Sushil was a 25 years old general manager at lakhnow . He along with his wife decided to adopt a child so that his 2 years old only son could play together and also it could be helping hand towards humanity he informed the near hospital asha if she get any anonymous baby he must be enformed . One day she called and informed about a baby he immediately reached the hospital do all documentation and leagely adopt the child . He take care of the child like their own child and also permoted the idea of adopting child . His neighbour appreciated his initiative and decided to take the responsibility of atlest one anonymous child .

  6. Rita and Raju are students of class nine. Recently they find that mrs. nasima who is a health worker of their area is giving the vaccine of polio to children. So they decide to take part in this noble work. In future they want to involve in social work.

  7. Isha back to home after her pregnancy. Ambulance dropped her home. When she is out if ambulance her neighbors were their so she was showing her baby to them. And they were so happy to see the small boy and Isha also explaining about her new born son like which time he born and all.

  8. Radha and Ram are day they were playing in a park suddenly they saw a child is crying near a bench they immediately called security and police and bring the child to the hospital.
    Later the police found the mother of the child after 5 hours and handover child to the women what I can see in the picture the woman is thanking Radha and ram. Women told that child was kidnapped from its home. police started the probe and praised Radha and RAM for their bravery

  9. Ram and seema are the brother and sister and leaving near to the hospital .
    One day both of them went to graden for playing game their they saw a omther carrying a child on his hand and that child crying it continously .And they both were notice that moment and thinks about their past when thry small they were also same as like that ,thry feel very happy while seeing that moment

  10. In the picture preview there is many people who lived in joined family the head manner of families is satish and their one child is rag hu rag hu had married in 1987 married after 2 year latter his wife Kamla got pegnent satish satteled him hospital because her husband work in in Army the boxer dispute is going on that so why he couldn't got leaf baby was born after baby born their family mamber very happy and they took the seromoy a

  11. theme: polio vaccine to child in hospital.

    Ravin is a bank employ ,he was posted in a town his son was one year old. his wife is also a working women. Ravin's mother asked ravin to drop her to civil hospital along with his grandson for polio vaccine which is very nescesary to child for better phsical development and reduce risk of polio to child. Ravin took his mother to hospital. Ravin drop his mother to hospital and attended meeting in office and as soon as possible took his wife and reached to hospital. That time her mother vaccinated the child then along with family he reached hospital and had lunch together and back to work.


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