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Thematic Apperception Test - 42 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Sudeeep as a convoy commander was moving towards his allocated post in leh region along with his convoy.
    Very soon, he got informed that due to heavy snowfall, passage is blocked and they can't move farther. Sudeep decided to hold his convoy after taking a round at a safe place. He with the help of his junior officer told the situation and encouraged the morale of convoy. He made different groups of soldiers for performing various tasks such as tent pitching , food preparing, santry etc. Sudeep himself helped soldiers in various tasks and monitored all the activities. After 2 days when the got the message of clear passage they moved and reached their post safely.

  2. There are six friends went to a picnic in a beautiful place in the forest. They all were staying in three tents and in the mid time they were cooking some food . Three were discussing about the enjoyment of such kind of weekends with the cook. And left two were watching them from their respective tents and trying to understand about their discussion.

  3. Ram was msc psychology student of Bihar University.After his research work he along with his friends planned a trip to pachamari Madhya Pradesh. He along with his 3 friends made a plan . They booked tickets . Bokker trekking planner online and packed all the required things. They enjoyed thier time in pachamari doing treeking river rafting. They stayed in forest for 3 days. The visited bio shphere reserve on safari. They all returned back after 10 days and they all were happy about it

  4. Ram was a man of 21 years. He was also the class monitor of his class in his college. It was nice week with mild climate after their exam had happened so he along with his friends decided to go for a camping. They went to nearby forest for camping and setup tents their and adjusted them there. After adjusting they enjoyed there by playing and doing group activities like rock climbing and in the end of the trip they decided to do sharamdaan and cleaned the area around them. This camp helped them rejuvenate in a great way.

  5. More number of characters are present all of them are male age group between 18-21
    Mood of the story positive
    Action : lisure time in between ncc camp

    Ashok and his friends were selected for a mountaineering camp from the cllg which will be held at Arunachal Pradesh during his journey from cllg to his camp destination he found many new friends of same age group they mingled themselves during the journey after reaching the destination they started their camp life which was of very difficult routines in between they got some leisure time for sideseeing due to the scheduled programme got strucked in between after geting some free time they forgoten their camp life for some time. After hearing the wistile they again joined the camp activities and happily returned to their concern colleges

    Thank you


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