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Thematic Apperception Test - 38 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Ramesh who is an employer in private company in mumbai going to his office according to daily routine but in the way his bike tyre get punctured .But luckly in front of reparing shop so he rapired his bike's tyre and go to his office

    1. Which tyre shop repair puncture by taking out tyre from bike

  2. A men who was going for a important society welfare metting but in the way his bike punched then at right place he met by a men who Repair repair his motorcycle .he reached at meeting in time after coming from his meeting he thanked that men who helped him

  3. Mani is a student who took politics as a subject he want to do survey about what people need from govt.while going to get needs from shop his bike was hanged out so he went to the repair shop next to the road . The boy started repairing the bike .Mani wants to start his survey from that boy so he asked some questions and prepared a note about what people need more from govt. And submitted to college

  4. Ravi is a doctor who studied and practices Indian medicine. The great thing about him is that he treats patients for free. He himself goes to the patient for free on his bicycle. One day he got a call from a lady who was panicking about her dad who fell unconscious. Ravi told her not to worry as he'll be there soon and speeded on his bike. On his way his bike got puncture, but fortunately there was man who rectifies puncture. He corrected his bike in minutes and he went on his way to curing people. This shows that God is always with the one who works selflessly.

  5. Amar is a young teacher lives in SKB.
    One day he was getting his cycle repair for evening cycling to keep himself fit.
    Mechanic started talking on inflation and said that his son wants to prepare for compatative exam but he is unable to bear the expanse
    Amar said to him to sent his son to him he will provide him coaching .
    Next day boy came to amar
    Amar told him coaching timing
    And gave his some books also
    With the six month amar hard work and boy's dedication the boy passed exam the boy and his father thanked amar's kind work .Amar feel happy and proud on his work.

  6. Arun was an engineer in an MNC on his way back home after a hectic day. He saw a man who's vehicle had given a trouble and he decided to help him...Both of them could fix the problem in no time; the man felt very happy about his helping nature. Arun decided to put up a puncture cum mechanic shop in the area in order that nobody else suffers in this manner.


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