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Thematic Apperception Test - 35 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Sagar was 22 year old college boy,he participated in district level marathon competition,he started practicing for that,ran 5-6 km twice a day,after running do some excercise,also gave attention to his diet,daily increase his running speed,ran with set time with help of friend,he kept motivating himself and continue his running with full concentration,on the day of running he ran with his full efforts and secure the first position,he was very happy and thanks his friend.

  2. Rakesh aspires to join Indian Army, finds it difficult to do ground tasks in SSBs. He realises that he need to do some physical activities to clear the test. He talked to his elder brother and they both in the morning started to do exercises. Being regular to the exercises like running, cardios and basic workouts, Ramesh became more agile and stronger. This time in his physical test, he performed amazingly and completed all the tasks with ease. And thus cleared the test.

  3. Madhav and Sohail were returning from Office,On their way to home rain started.They saw a bike skid on the road,Sohail rushed to the place of incident, take the casualty to safer place,stop the vehicle,stop bleeding,give first aid and make him comfortable.After rain stop,make his bike repair in nearby shop.Call his relative and send him to his home. After he depart return to home.


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