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Thematic Apperception Test - 31 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. We make a theme on the basis of falling down their company value..than he do the effective thing like broadcasting and advertisemnt and giving best offer for growing up the company

  2. So good morning gentleman the picture shown to us I have perceived three charcters and they are in positive mood and age is about 29 to 40 years
    Rohit is 29 years old he lived in delhi he recently worked as a software engineer in wipro company he is the hardworking guy . And due to this he achieved many achievements in only single year
    He worked as the head of software developer
    One day his boss give project to ronit . Ronit is junior of Rahul
    The time limit for the project was very less thats why he went to Rahul for help and Rahul also granted him for help and by the hardwork of two day and two night they completed the project beyond the time limit

  3. Mac was an office worker. He would go there 7 am every day to earn for his family.he was known to be quick tempered. One day he got into trouble with one of the workers and the staff could not tolerate such act. So they sent him to the Boss's apartments where the Boss told him that he does not want to see anything like that happen again and gave him a few words of wisdom, 'Quick temper is a poison that can be diluted with self control.'

  4. Rajeev has recently done his mba. His father wanted him to work with him. And one day he took him to his office and get familiar to all the worker. He asked him to work with his manager. He interact with manager. And learn about the work, ask any doubts to his manager. Made a practical approach to work. Know about the dealings and all that. Do work with full interest. Hi father was very happy to see his dedication toward work.

  5. M- 35
    Action : Smoking Kills

    Gurnam went to the retirement party organised by his younger brother. He saw his younger brother son Ramesh smoking. He went to ramesh and asked him to stop smoking. As gurnam himself was a smoker he knew the bad health effects of smoking and how bad impact his smoking had on his family members health. He further told him techniques to stop smoking by doing mediation and workout and also using nicotine gum . After party he used to communicate ramesh through mobile to help him quit. After 4 months ramesh was able to quit smoking with the help of Gurnam.

  6. Mr. gupta who is the manager of telecom company. He loves his mother so much. One day he went abroad for some company issue. When he was there he got a call from his brother. He told him that our mother have hospitalized and she is suffering from cancer. Mr. Gupta return to his mother as soon as possible.He meet his mother and concern with the doctor about her health. Doctor advice him to care of him and fulfill her wishes because she is at last stage of his life.


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