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Thematic Apperception Test - 29 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Ravi is a 38 year old man staying in Dhanaulti,Uttrakhand.He has a son Ram who is 7 yrs old and goes to a school which is about 1km from his house.Ravi drops him there every morning by his car.One day he went to drop ram to school along with his younger brother.But when ram was climbing the stairs he slipped and his head hit the staircase aur he hurt himself.Ravi immediately picked him up,put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding ,made the boy calm down and took him to the nearby hospital for treatment.

    1. This this not a correct story as everything in this is picture is positive. But you are making a negative situation by yourself. So always try to show things in a positive manner.

    2. I think there two character showing victory signal to boy

  2. Srikant is a 40 year old man who lives in Pune with his wife and 16 year old son. His son was a bright kid and he was proud of him so, he did everything he could to ensure that he stays on track. He would often drop him off and pick him up from school, he enrolled him in guitar, football and boxing classes to help him develop his personality and he would often help him out with his homework. Soon, his son stood up to his expectations when he announced that he has been selected to study in one of the top law colleges in the country. He swell up with pride and congratulated him on his success.

  3. Ajay is a 30 yr old ,very hard working man and a bank manager. He has got that post with years of hard work and dedication. Now he is near to retirement and in a hope for his children's future. Whenever he gets time he give priority to his children. He spends more time with them, mentoring them, guiding them to setup a good personality in them. He also finds time to pickup and drop his children to school. After years, he retired and his children fulfilled his desire by achieving well settled jobs. As they secured their future Ajay was so proud and happy in their success.

  4. Arsh a bright student of DAV school Allahabad and he is studying in class 6th.Everymorning he used to go to school.It was a cold morning when he saw a small pet puppy who was shivering with cold on his way to bus stand.He covered him with his muffler and saw his neighbours name on its leash. He immediately ran into his neighbour when he was driving and finding his puppy. He returned his puppy and by the time he realised he missed his bus. His neighbour who was in his car so he neighbour said to drop him to school as he helped him in finding puppy.His neighbour dropped him to school. And Arsh went happily.

  5. Ram who is 28 years old is a great business man. Ram used to do charity in various trust and promots the weaker sections towards education. one day he got to know that son of one of his servent namely shyam is good at studies but his servent is not able to bare the expenses of his son further in studies so Ram decided to help his servent by assuring him that he will bare the expenses of his son's study. Now Shyam was able to go to the school again and was very happy.

  6. M- 18 years (Hero)
    Action: Everest Climber

    Rohit is a young indian mountaineer who has climbed various Himalayas peaks like k2, nanda devi, kangchenjunga etc. His next goal is to climb Mount Everest. His coach has been training him hard by building up his body strength and stamina. Everyday they climbed small peaks in the nearby himalayan range and also proper altitude training. After 6 month of training his coach along with his close friend drive him to the base camp of the Everest and gave him best wishes for the climb. It took 5 weeks for Rohit to get to the peak and he successfully completed his climb.

  7. Shyam who is a local business man age 40 years, he and his son Suraj age 14 years was travelling through a hilly region and they spotted Ram age 18 a boy who was lost from his trekking group, shyam being an kind and helping man quickly offered him the help and dropped ram to the location where he could meet with his rest of the group and continue his rest of the trek


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