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Thematic Apperception Test - 24 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Charecters - 2
    Anand -Age 20
    Anuradha -Age 55

    Anand lives with his mother in a remote village in kerala.Anand completed his schooling and got passed with high grades, and he wanted to go for higher studies in a renowned institute in the city,but he refused to leave his mother alone. So he decides not to go. But his mother Anuradha covinces him to go for higher studies but inside he is still depressed ro leave his mother alone, and the same with Anuradha. Later on considering their good future and better life , And decides to go.

  2. Character - 2
    Sunny - age 23
    Pushpa - age 56

    Sunny who is the son of Pushpa , convinces his mother to get her medical checkup done for arthritis , but she refuses as she doesn't want to waste money anymore as her medication is going on for months without any fruitful results. Pushpa out of rage doesn't talk to him , and so does sunny but thereafter Pushpa understands the importance of getting check up done as she realised that good things take time to happen so she agreed for check up and then both went to hospital.

  3. Ram is a 10th class student.He lives in a village.Ram has a lot of over confidence in himself.He said to their parents my 10th class marks is 90percent will be come.But ram scored only 65%.He becomes very upset.His mother scolded her.Ram promise to his mother I got 90%in 12th.Ram made a time table.he attend all classes regularly.he take a classes of you tube to the subject analysis.He solve all pyq paper.He workedd hard daily.after 2yr efforts he scored 90+ in 12th.He was very happy.His parents are very happy.
    Thank you.

  4. Ram is a 10th class student.he lives in a village.ram has a lot of over confidence himself.Ram said to their parents my 10th class marks is 90+ will be come.but ram scored only 65%marks in 10th.he becomes very sad.he promise to their parents he got 90+in 12th.He made a time table.he take classes regularly. He take you tube classes to analysis of subject.he solve all pyq paper.after 2yrs efforts he will got 90%in 12th..He and his parents are very happy.
    Thank you.

  5. Characters 2
    Pranav - age 16
    Mamatha - age 40

    Pranav is living with his mother mamatha in a village at Vizianagaram. They are poor family and need to go to different types of daily work for an income. Pranav studied very hard and secured good marks in his board examination. To pursue further studies, they are at shortage of money to join a college of his choice. So instead, his mother convinced him to go to a nearby govt college but he didn't agreed. So both of them are upset. Later, after much convincing, Pranav agreed with his mother.

  6. Amit is undergoing graduation and wanted to join a NGO which helps orphan children in learning and asked his mother for her permission but his mother refused stating that it will affect his studies but Amit was stubborn for his wish and somehow convinced his mother and joined the NGO.
    He taught the children maths and helped them in learning new things along with his friends.

  7. Kartik and his mother live together...His father is an Army officer. A day suddenly news that is father was dead. After that news his mother and he is unstable. But after some hrs He think I join the Army. He says his mother to join Army. Firstly, his mother no permission but agaim he understands and his mother passed permission to join the Army's and Kartik join the Army.

  8. M- 35years
    F- 60 years
    Action: Modern methods for farming

    Ramesh is a farmer and lately the crops production isn't upto the mark and has been going into loss. All the farmers from his village has been facing the same issues. He discusses the situation with his mother both are very worried. Him and his fellow farmers then decided to go to panchayat and ask sarpanch to organise a small event on the modern agriculture techniques for better production. Later on sarpanch contacted the expert and organised a event on modern and efficient methods in which the farmers were informed about the soil water sensors (budget friendly), the modern weather forecasting and vertical farming etc. The event was a success and after a year they saw gradual increase in the crop production.

  9. Shyam is 24 living with his mother. He was always a brilliant student, but it was getting hard for him to get any good job. His mother used to always get upset hearing that he couldn't make it . Later, his mother told him that "Son, hard work never goes to waste, it always pays you off." Later, Shyam with burning fire successfully cracked multiple jobs in fortnight with his dedication. He understood that it was a game of patience and consistency.


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