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Thematic Apperception Test - 18 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

mment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Ram is a 20 year old boy pursuing his Bachelor of Engineering from oriental college. While he was on the way to his college he witnessed a huge accident in mid of market where a car got struck with a cart. He suddenly ran towards the scene and helped the persons injured. With the help of locals he applied the first aid to the victims and called ambulance. He also called police line and reported the whole incident. After stabilizing the situation he preceded towards his college.

  2. Vijay is a student in 10th class and was heading to the school as usual. He then witnessed an accident at a critical turn. A horse chariot and a car collided. a pedestrian and the horse were injured and the car involved in the accident was damaged. He requested the predestrians to call the police and ambulance for help. He then moved the chariot and the horse to the side of the road with the pedestrians' help and cleared the traffic. He attended to the injured pedestrian and the ambulance and the police arrived to the site and the paramedics assured that the pedestrian only had minor concussions and took him to the hospital to test for any possible complications. The damaged car was taken to a garage by the police and the injured horse was taken to a animal care centre. One civilan offered to drop Vijay at the school as he was traveling in the same route and Vijay reached his school on time and he thanked the civilian.

  3. In the morning of one fine day Raghu was roaming around lal kila streets with his wagon looking for tourists. Due to crowd cars started honking loudly and so Raghu's horse went crazy due to noise and it created big chaos in that crowded place.2 to 3 people got injured but then Raghu controlled his horse . Police came and manage the chaos. Some people took injured people to the nearby hospital . Police warned Raghu not to come in crowded place with horse. Raghu said sorry and he went to home .

  4. Ajay was working in MNC company. One day while he was going to his office he met with an accident with Tonga. He saw that the Tonga operater was injured, he took him to hospital and inform his family members and the also inform his company head about the accident.after that he immediately went to city road organization to give complaint about the road condition . Then he went back to the accident place and put board near that point as it was a accident zone a very sharp ture .after some days the road was renewed and the accident change becomes less .


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