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Thematic Apperception Test - 17 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.
Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Mayank is a young agent who works with the Intelligence Bureau. He specialises in detonating bombs. One day, IB recieved information regarding a bomb blast in a public gathering and Mayank immediately arrived to the site with his team and informed the police about the situation. The police along with Mayank's team informed the public that the gathering was scheduled at a different time to divert their attention and cleared them. Mayank, without attracting the public nor causing panic among the public, detonated the bomb and prevented grave danger. He was later awarded for his bravery.

    1. You mean he specialises in defusing the bomb

  2. Hero is detective, he help the police to caught the thieves

  3. One day when rohan visited bank for some work he saw suddenly some persons having gun intheir hand entered the bank and told everyone to hands up and when the robbers were busy in robbering cash .rohan being near to the reception counter slowly moved his hands and press the emergency button the people outside heard the bell and called the police .soon the police came and the robbers get caught

  4. Ram was at the railway station to get a train ticket to his hometown is it was a festive season it was crowded there and even after standing in line for 3 hours he didn't get a ticket for himself as he was thinking how to get ticket he was approached by a man and offered him ticket at a very high price ram understood that the ticket is been sold in black and the man needed to be arrested so he asked him about more tickets and carefully put his phone on video recording and the man told him about different tickets and where they having sold at a very high price then Ram excused himself and left the railway station and reached the police station and submitted the video to the inspector there and register a complaint the police acted quickly and went to the railway station and arrested the man that was seen in the video and find out that he was carrying many tickets with him after the head the name of all the other people that were working with him and the and police arrested at them also then on the railway station and over the night and next morning he got ticket for himself

  5. Rahul 26 is owner of a company. He got heavy lose in this session of 2018 due to the leak of the information by an employee of the company.
    By the some source of information he starts investigation and he gets knew that someone comming to the Monday morning to collect the information about company and he want to catch him. Alone and without given any Information to anyone this course of act one day he came to gate of his company.
    And he catched the culprits and given them in the costudy of the police.

  6. Rahul is a police officer . For last 2 months he was trying to catch a smuggler. He hired a spy for that. He got information from his source about the smuggler . He went to site , kepts eyes on the smuggler in civilian cloths and as he got chance he arrested him and locked him and set enquiry on him.

  7. Rahul was a thief.he was stealing things for the past few day he dressed like a gentleman and stand in a line of the men who were going for a meeting.he stole wallet and mobile phone of the man standing ahead of him and escaped secretly.the man got to know a little later that his wallet and phone is stolen so he shouted for help.rahul was watching this from a distance.rahul then escaped as all the men were looking for the thief.

  8. Went for some government work found irregularities , reported it to authorities , corrupt person removed.

  9. James was eager to watch his favorite star James bond movie 007
    .he decided to go for show on weekend after completing his office. He seek whether any of his friend is interested,where John and Michael were also interested,they went to theater,near his town 2-hill.on reaching they found that show was housefull,while returning from counter they noticed a man selling ticket in black,they informed authority about the incident and personnel talked the man not to do so,after which theater guard handed culprit to cop and thanked James and his friend, they went a bit longer in next town and got a ticket for show,all them enjoyed the movie.


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