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Thematic Apperception Test - 107 (TAT)

Observe the below image carefully for 30 seconds and write a story around it in 4 minutes.

Comment your story below, comments once approved will be visible in the comment section.


  1. Akash was a Sub Inspector. He got the information of some naxalists hidden in the Jungle planning to shut down the road and electricity supply. Akash made four teams and surrounded them from four sides and announce with the help of loudspeaker to surrender them and started firing from opposite side and diverted their attention and gradually headed towards naxalists and they started to counter. During operation naxalist went out of ammunition and they captured the naxalists with no casualties and took out the all information of their future planning and busted their plan.

  2. Rohan ,shyam and Salim are school mates and all are NCC cadets , Rohan is under officer of their unit and senior among them during their annual training camp they are going towards their barrack and listen some noise from the parking lot side ,they went there and Rohan investigated and found that some drug pedller are chirping and consuming drug and are planning to sell and spread it , Rohan with his mates catch both of them , he immediately call the srgt. And call the police on the spot , police catches both of them and next day CO of their unit cheer him up for his bravery

  3. No. Of characters-3
    All three male
    One male -30-35 years
    Other two behind-23-25 years .
    Mood- alert
    Title" preventing terrorist attack"
    One fine day , two officers Lieutanant rakesh and lieutanant ujjwal along with their senior colonel sumesh went to an army camp for regular inspection. In the peak hour of the day , they heard noise of gunshots and footsteps of anoynymous people coming from one side . Upon suspecting a terrorist activity , colonel sumesh guides and command his subordinates accompanying him . They successfully used the available weapons and prevent a mojor terrorist attack from happening in the area. Later, they were rewarded gallantry award for their valour and courage by our esteemed prime minister.

  4. ASI Ravi is a very responsible and dedicated police inspector. One day they got information about a mob of villagers protesting infront of the panchayat office. When he with his constables reached the spot the noticed some among them were holding stones, tools and rods. Taking the risk, he went infront and addressed the villagers. Warned them and convinced them that violence can bring only disaster. Thus he controlled the mob and dispersed them from the spot.

  5. Ashis Kumar MohapatraJanuary 6, 2022 at 6:12 PM

    satish and his colleague were once in a patrolling and heard firing from the nearby village. immediately he informed to the control room about the incident and asked for some more troops to nab the miscreants. he distributed them among groups ordered them to block all the exits from the village. after some time when the miscreants were returning back through one of the exits of the village, satish and his troops nabbed them and took them to the police station for further investigation.

  6. Gen. Vibhuti Rawat and two more officers they were going to there camp back in middle of the way they saw that some people are shouting for help and as they were in the house, caught fire and no one was there who can help them. As they were the officers of Army they know there duty very well, they immediately ran towards the house and start using there army brain and save there life.


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