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SRT Exercise -646

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

Ram was walking back towards his home after seeing the night show of a movie. Suddenly from behind a tree, a man came forward and asked him to hand over his watch and purse. So he...

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  1. Ram should know properly that what is in the mind of that man...and then if he is a thief or a guy who wants to steal it..... So now he should defend himself and should caught the thief and see for the people's nearby and ask them to help him and get the thief to nearby policestation

  2. He distaned himself a bit as a precaution and saw that the man was holding a gun . Then he slowly puts his watch and purse down on the ground . As the man approaches to pick the stuff ram tackled him by using his quick reflexes and was able to take the gun from the man after some fight as it was the best way to protect citizens from this man

  3. He refuse to give ,tackle in defensive way ,take weapon of him and take him to nearby policestation .


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