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SRT Exercise - 601

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

Young men are not interested in joining defense forces, what incentive would you offer to lure them?

Comment you sample formed sentences below

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  1. I would explain to them how exciting and adventurous it would be to take a defence career

  2. I tell him about importance of army and tell him some interesting fact about the army

  3. importance of armed forces and secure future

  4. I would first of all be clear to them that joining army is not like joining any other normal 9-5 job . It will be hell from the first day itself. Army is a really tough career but once you join it , you will never be the same. And the perks and benefits a personel receives is worth all the struggles.

  5. I would explain about the leadership opportunities, and How much it is best area for show your skill challengingg and rewarding areas .


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