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SRT Exercise - 243

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

You are at unknown city and lost your purse. You need money as a stranger. How will you manage?

Comment you sample formed sentences below

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  1. I will get the money from ATM and use it or else get the money transfer through online

  2. I will try to get help and request stranger for one call to my parent for inform then they should come and help me

  3. I will try to get a stranger help and request him for one call to inform my parent then they should come & help me

  4. He will identify the city ,the contact to his relatives and asked them to make the arrange of money for him ,by that time he will try to take the help of the citizens of the city

  5. Use digital mode of payment as he didn’t lost his cellphone


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