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SRT Exercise - 221

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

You were called for interview for a job you badly needed, but same day was your final exam...

Comment you sample formed sentences below

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  1. First I will check the time of both then I ll decide ,if both are same time then I ll choose exam first because I can find another job but if I leave my exam then I will lost my year

  2. I will go for the interview and try to reach the exam after interview if possible

  3. I will try to convince either the interview panel or the examination authority to postpone one of the interview or the test whichever is possible to avoid the clash.

  4. Firstly I will try to contact interview venue and request them to postpone my interview by some hours because of this reason , if nothing works I will go for exam and finish it as early as possible , and try to go to interview at same day if possible..


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