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SRT Exercise - 91

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

It was night time. He had just arrived from a long NCC route march.When his step mother refused to admit him into the house. He...

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  1. He request her explain behind late. Next time I will come on time.

  2. Tells his mom that he was late because coach took briefing till late. Also applogize, and assures that he will inform next time over phone if he is late. Mother takes him into home. Freshens up and has a tasty meal.

  3. Tries to explain the situation to her. If she isn't convinced, calls his best friend or hostelmates for a night stay. And return home the next morning.

  4. He can seek help from his Ncc friends who came along with him for a stay for a night only

  5. He go out and make fun with friends, eat road side food and come in the morning. 😁


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