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SRT Exercise - 90

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

He is sitting on chair studying, there is a snake right behind his chair and he suddenly looks back. He...

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  1. He go away from and Call to family members. Inform responsible authority.

  2. Carefully stand up and came outside, let the snake go and continued studying

    1. We should not let snake roam around as it can be harmful to others. Try to call help and cover the snake with bucket etc.

  3. Immediately gets up from the chair. Calls local villager who catches the snake. Catches the snake and lets him out in a forest away from his village.

  4. Stand carefully. Covered by container, gets a snake catcher, released outside living area.

  5. He must stay clam and if he has to remove his shirt and throw it one snake face and catch it


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