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SRT Exercise - 29

Below is a situation for SRT (Situation Reaction Test) exercise of SSB Psychology test

He was going on his cycle to visit his sister in neighboring village His cycle broke down on the way and it started raining. He...

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  1. Will wait somewhere till rain stop while that time will try to get his cycle repaired and went to her siter's home

  2. Take shelter until rain stops , try to repair cycle and go to sister's home

  3. Takes the nearby shelter, repair his cycle and then leaves to meet his sister.

  4. He will try to find out the repair shop first, then he can think to go either ways whichever is near seeing the rain.

  5. He took shelter until the rain stopped, informed his sister about the same when rain stop, repair the cycle and went to his sister's house

  6. He take shelter near repair bicycle shop .repair the bicycle a d when rain stops then he reached to his sister 's house


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